Brake Repair

Properly maintained brakes is mandatory when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. When you have brakes that are in need of repair it's important that you do not hesitate having them inspected. Pro Auto Service Centers in Murrieta can help make sure your brakes are in the best condition possible, and it will make all the difference in your vehicles safety. There are certain things on our vehicle that when in need of repairs, it is quite apparent, smoking, shaking, ticking and leaking. There are however, other parts of our vehicle such as the brakes that are a little less obvious and we don't always know when they are in need of repairs. Do you have squeaking, squealing, or grinding at stops and when slowing? Then it's time to have your brakes inspected at Pro Auto Service Centers in Murrieta! Our technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out and can perform brake repair on any make and model, drum brakes, disc brakes, foreign or domestic.

Its a good indication that you need repair when:

  • Brake light on the dash is glowing amber, indicating problems with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  • Brake dashboard light is red, indicating a system imbalance
  • Brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond
  • You hear grinding or constant squealing during braking

Repair Now to Save Later

Brake repair is something that cannot be ignored should be addressed by Pro Auto Service Centers in Murrieta immediately. A properly maintained set of brakes can make a big difference not only to the safety of you and everyone around you, but it can also make a big difference to your wallet! When brake pads wear down and become too thin, metal on metal friction occurs. Not only will this generatea loud screech when braking, but it also causes damage to the brakes other working parts. Instead of needing to solely pay for the brake pads to be replaced you may also need to replace expensive calipers and rotors.


If your brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond, dont drive, call Pro Auto Service Centers in Murrieta and have your vehicle safely towed in.

If you hear grinding or constant squealing during braking it is likely you need new brake pads. Changing pads at the right time can save your rotors, which can be costly to replace.