Suspension is responsible for smoothing out your vehicles ride and keeping the car in control by maximizing the contact of the tires and the road. This provides ease of steering, stability and proper handling, while providing less impact not only the car, but the passengers inside as well. The suspension consists of many parts. Springs are designed to support the vehicle weight and absorb excess energy from road shocks, struts and shock absorbers. It is imperative your vehicles suspension is in good condition.

Its a good indication that you need steering and suspension repair when:

  • Your vehicle has unbalanced tire and brake wear
  • Inconsistent handling and braking
  • Excess vehicle bounce, roll, and sway
  • Unusual wear on other vehicle systems
  • Tips:

    If your vehicle has steering or suspension that feels unsafe, dont drive it more than needed to get to a safe place. Call Pro Auto Service Centers in Murrieta and have your vehicle towed in preventing injury and further costly damage.